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The target audience for this submission would be Australians interested in the liberal spill. From the start of this article it was evident that it would be a comedic piece of writing. Through this story I was able to learn of the change in Prime Minister, from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull. The introduction tweet set a precedent for the style of the article and set a mood for the reader. Using comedy to start makes the reader invited to read on.


To improve the article:

  • Add more text between tweets to explain the tweets
  • There was no real structure but by using text to separate would be helpful in the reading process

Other than the previously stated improvements, comedy is a good starting point to create an entertaining story.


Curation is an old practice in journalism but has become a relative new term. Every act of journalism is an act of curation: think of how a news report or feature selects and combines elements from a range of sources (first hand sources, background facts, first or second hand colour) (Bradshaw, P. 2013).

The two different examples of curation:

  1. Trip Advisor: The 25 Best Hotels of 2015
  2. Condé Nast Traveller: Gold Standard Hotels

Trip Advisor: The 25 Best Hotels of 2015

sundeckTrip Advisor has created a very appealing interface not only in the aesthetic but through the language used. The curation method for Trip Advisors is data focused and with that structure they were able to create a user friendly site. The numbering system allows the user to arrow through the top 25 Best hotels of 2015 and read more about each place by pressing the ‘more’ button (TripAdvisor Australia 2014).

Condé Nast Traveller: Gold Standard Hotels

song-saa-private-island-cambodia-conde-nast-traveller-15jan15-pr_639x426Condé Nast Traveller has also created a very appealing interface. However, there curation method is very different as they have used editors to write about each place. Unlike the Trip Advisor, Condé Nast Traveller has created a more entertaining site that explains the beauty of each place where as The 25 Best Hotels of 2015 provides factual content (Condé Nast Traveller 2014).

Overall, both sites have created visually appealing interfaces; however, there approach to the information provided is very different.


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The Quiz for week 9 I found fairly difficult in some areas. In those parts I had trouble determining the differences, but as I saw the numerous correct answers I was able to find where I was having difficulty.


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