When compiling my blog I was determined to create a not only appealing, but an efficient interface. Using the menus at the top of the page I believe it is easy to navigate the week blog entries. I have also used large heading for the Practical, Inquiry and Technical so that it is easy to find when scrolling down the page. I have made sure that the text is laid on white space so that there is no trouble when reading my blog entries.

Due to the use of my lead headings for Practical, Inquiry and Technical it was easy to determine whether I had completed all of the tasks asked. I have completed all of the tasks and believe they are clearly marked thus making my blog easy to navigate.

The major challenges I found throughout Assessment 2 was time management, confidence and review other peer’s blogs. Time management was a big factor on completing these tasks; however, I believe by creating an Assessment such as this, it helps kick start the thought of “I should do these tasks each week otherwise there is no way I will be able to complete my Assessment”. Confidence to actually post my blog entries each week and be confident enough for others to comment on my work was very hard. However, after one comment I could see that the comments were 100% constructive. However, when reviewing people’s blog I found it difficult as a lot of people like myself weren’t confident enough to post there blog entries each week and put it off until they were sure that it would be up to standard.

This assessment has help in many ways, I am more aware to my grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as time management. I believe my writing has become more clear and concise because to course started with the basics and then expanded.


One website that comes to mind when talking about the “Impact of Design” is the Website:

This week’s lesson discussed:

  • Words
  • Visual Principles
  • Photos/Graphics
  • Use of Sound

Three of these topics were evident in the Alfred website (Words, Visual Principles and Photos/Graphics). It uses key words to que the viewer. For example, “How it works” (Alfred Inc. 2014).


Visual Principles such as colour and font makes this interface very appealing. The primary colours used are blue and yellow which gives off a mood of calmness and happiness according to this week’s lesson. The use of basic fonts allows the user to clearly read the ques. However, as you continue to scroll down the site the ques have different coloured backgrounds that could interfere while reading.

For example:



 How it works



(Alfred Inc. 2014)

Lastly, by using graphics and animation the website is able to create a very interactive site. Thus, having a very impactful design throughout the Alfred website.


Alfred Inc. 2014, Alfred, viewed 23 September 2015,

CQUniversity 2015, COMM11007 Media Writing: Week 10 Impact of design, viewed 23 September 2015,


By using the blog submission I was able to find little grammar mistakes which were easily fixed. I was also surprised with how much the check list helped in creating a clear and concise blog. Most of the tasks were easy to compile as the blog activities from each week were very clear and concise. Overall, I enjoyed creating a blog and submitting each week’s blog entry as I could create a whole blog made up of my knowledge and understanding.