UntitledInstagram is a fun and creative way to share photos and videos about your life. It is a social network that is used by 300 million people monthly (Smith, C. 2015). Users are able to take photos and videos, then customize it with the filters and tools that Instagram provides. Individuals are able to create their own master piece and share it with their followers by posting/uploading it to their account. Instagram allows users to share their images and video with numerous social networks such as Facebook and more (Instagram 2015). There are many ways to use the network, both personally and professionally. Many people have used Instagram and have become “Instagram famous” thus launching a career on the network. Therefore, whatever you are interested in there are numerous users around the world that can enjoy different types of entertainment, let that be through photos or videos.


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Instagram is a free online photo sharing and social network platform (Rouse, M. 2012) where personally I enjoy sharing my life and special events on the social network. Therefore, I already have previous knowledge of how someone would use Instagram personally. Personally a lot of individuals use the network to display their life. For example, like a day in the life of. Followers are able to connect with each other as they are able to see what their life would be like.

As I have been on Instagram for a number of years I have come across numerous professional accounts on Instagram. For example, Lauren Bath is a professional Instagrammer from Cairns ( 2014) who has created career for herself.


“Lauren Bath quit her job as a chef a year ago to pursue a career in photographic marketing on Instagram.” ( 2014)

It has become evident throughout the years that when a person on Instagram becomes “Instagram famous” they are approached by numerous companies to promote products because of the larger following they have received.

Therefore to use Instagram professionally, an individual firstly would have to be consistent when posting photos or video. They would need to have a hobby or have an interesting account so that people are enticed into following that persons’ account.

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Quiz 8 was fairly challenging as the textbook was quite confusing. The main trouble I had was determining the write way the words should be spelt/placed. For example, a lot and alot.

However, I was able to received 100% correct on the second attempt.