While proof reading assessment item 1, I was not able to pick up all of the mistakes within it. It took about three times to pick up everything but as a precaution I had my mother proof read the assessment.

After my mother proof read it she was able to pick up some expression errors and punctuation errors. This is because when reading it my eyes would seem to skip over the errors without even registering in my mind.

The checklist did help as it picked up some tasks that I had forgotten about. Therefore, without the checklist I would have easily failed the criteria of completed and submitting all the tasks.

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The IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG) Newsletter from April to June 2015 contains numbers topics within it such as:

  • Book Reviews
  • Obituaries
  • Scholarships
  • Meetings information and discussion results
  • Regional reports for numerous countries
  • Science – submitted and recent publications

The target audience for these stories and information are those apart of the organisation’s community as well as others who are interested in the work that CSG does.

From a science journalist’s perspective, the newsletter contains numerous regional reports containing a lot of information. For example, the regional report for Mexico contains evidence of Recent Reports of Fatal Attacks on Humans by Crocodiles in Mexico (Crocodile Specialist Group, 2015).

The newsletter is very successful in the way that it discusses numerous topics important for the target audience. It provides not only local information but international information as well. The only negatives that are evident are that the newsletter is quiet large as it has a lot of text. Personally, I believe I am basis as I would not be interested in the topics within this newsletter; however, for the amount of information there would be some sort of news story that could be taken from the information.


Crocodile Specialist Group, 2015, Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter, viewed 5 September 2015,


Quiz 7A was completed with 100% correct in three attempts. This is because of the spelling of certain words such as practise/practice.

Quiz 7B was completed with 100% correct in three attempts. This is because I would press the wrong answer when it was meant to the other one; however, the first attempt I had problems with determining the different styles of writing.