When registering for Twitter I was very hesitant as I am not familiar with the social media network. Registering was fairly straight forward although once fully done, navigating the site was very complex as I was not familiar with any terminology within twitter.

However, once searching twitter and following around 20 journalists I was able to identify were everything is and how to search for twitter accounts.

I am excited to see how others use the network and discover how I am going to use it in the future.

WEEK 2 - Blog Entry Practical 1


Upon exploring the twitter universe the trends map/tab was easily accessible. However, customizing the trends map for a specific area such as Rockhampton was not possible. Because of this, the closest region/city was Brisbane. There were numerous trends yet none had a huge following like #auspol. Under the #auspol there were numerous topics discussing the comments coming out of parliament.

Below is three snap shots of the conversation surrounding #auspol:WEEK 2 - Blog Entry Inquiry

WEEK 2 - Blog Entry Inquiry 1

These tweets discussing or commenting on #auspol where being used in news stories (as seen above under Sky News Australia). When further exploring the topic it was evident that #auspol discussed a lot of issues relating to the entirety of Australia. However, it seemed as though by organisations using twitter as there platform to report, it is unrealistic to believe that rural areas would be familiar with twitter let alone have a twitter account.

Therefore, it would be a common held belief that local or rural news companies would not use twitter to report unless they were trying to reach the audiences in large cities. This is because it can be suggest that those in larger cities would be registered for twitter as they can rely on news companies to report high profile news on twitter.


When completing quiz 2 I found it fairly easy because by reading Chapter 2 in English for Journalists by Wynford Hicks most of the topics covered in the questions where in the book. However, there were some topics such as past, present and future tense where I struggled with. This is because, the topic of tense has never been a strong point in my writing as I never fully understood it. But, with a couple goes at the quiz and referring to Chapter 2 I was able to distinguish the tenses.

So overall, I am enjoying the quizzes as they really make me think and re-read some parts of the book so that I can fully understand the topics.