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On Tuesday 24th of February 2015 numerous news outlets released their coverage on the Gold Coast Titans financial difficulties and a pending drug scandal. The following will contain a comparison of three news stories presented in three different ways.

They consist of the:

NRL – League Statement

Gold Coast Bulletin – News Story

ABC – Press Conference

When comparing these stories it is evident that they all contain a similar target audience. However, they all vary in the angle of which they take to convey the whole Gold Coast Titans controversy.

NRL (League Statement) – ‘NRL Takes Control of Gold Coast Titans’  image

Within the NRL league Statement there was a specific target audience of the Gold Coast Titans fans. CEO Dave Smith stated that, “They (The Titans Fans) will have the security of knowing their team has a long term future on the Gold Coast” (NRL 2015). Smith continued throughout the statement insuring that the club was secure so that Gold Coast Titan fans could continue to support and watch the club.

The angle of which the statement was aimed was very positive and reassuring. For example, “Titans remain part of our long term plans for the game” (NRL 2015). This reassurance took away from other issues of the titans club with the statement never containing any understanding about the drug scandal within the team.

Overall, the key message of the statement was that the titans will remain on the Gold Coast and the fans will not need to worry about the stability of the club.

Gold Coast Bulletin (News Story) – ‘Five-year blueprint convinced NRL boss to save Titans just weeks before Gold Coast NRL club would have folded’782760-412e43c8-bbe2-11e4-b9c9-3a11b9a775ca

 Upon reading the news story by the Gold Coast Bulletin it was evident that the NRL Statement did not inform the Gold Coast community about the drug scandal and only commented on the financial stability of the club.

The Gold Coast Bulletins target audience for this specific story was the boarder Gold Coast community as they discussed that, “They’re investing in the Gold Coast community and will continue to invest” (Gold Coast Bulletin 2015). Like the NRL Statement the Gold Coast Bulletin story continued to relay the message that the club is improving and that there are big plans for the club so that the fans can be proud of the titan club (Gold Coast Bulletin 2015).

The angle of the story was fairly negative compared to the other statements/conferences as it discusses a lot about the troubles and tribulations the club is facing such as the drug scandal and financial difficulties. The bulletin also gave more facts to back up the negative problems within the club such as the dramatic loss of money from the club founder and an investor because of the takeover by the NRL (Gold Coast Bulletin 2015).

However, the key message was that the club is recovering from the problems previously and will now become a more reliable club because of the NRL takeover.

ABC (Press Conference) – ‘Gold Coast Titans taken over by NRL, placed in voluntary administration after drugs scandal’

782546-4293659a-bbe2-11e4-b9c9-3a11b9a775caWithin the press conference it was evident that the target audience was, like the two other stories, the Gold Coast Titans fans. This is because they discussed the stability of the club and how the fans do not have to worry about any further financial difficulties after the NRL takeover (ABC News 2015).

The angle of which the press conference took was very positive as Dave Smith continued to reassure everyone that they are working on the future of the club. Even though there were negatives involving the clubs drug scandal, Smith continued with, “(its) not the end of the world” (ABC News 2015).

Therefore, the key message of the press conference was to reassure the security of the club and that the future is looking up because of the new management.


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